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Keith Holyoak Poetry Ebook

"He has somehow managed to let the spirit of Chinese poetry speak through him, with no loss of his sense of being an American. A wonderful intelligence is brought to the task, which understands the profound subtlety of poetry, no matter what nationality it is."
-Sebastian Barker FRSL, poet and editor of The London Magazine 2002-2008

"...has given us some of the most elegant translations we have of Li Bai and Du Fu. ...superbly crafted verses, covering the range from modernistic, half-rhymed poems to “neo-formal” metrical poems with various rhyme schemes. He is unique in fact among American poets in having paid attention to the formal and structural aspects of Chinese verse, and successfully weaving them into his own creations. "
-Jonathan Chaves, Professor of Chinese, George Washington University

"... the self, nature, history, portraiture, politics, family and social relationships, philosophic questioning, aesthetics.  ... in a modern milieu of terror, violence, and harrowing uncertainty."

—Joseph S. Salemi