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Mysterious emails pleading for help—after twenty centuries, Judas Iscariot has been resurrected—as a poet—and wants the world to hear his story. His recollections of his days as an apostle are blended with meditations on love and friendship, on betrayal, remorse and forgiveness. Speaking sometimes in his own voice, sometimes assuming those of Jesus, Mary Magdalene and others, Judas grapples with the complexities of spiritual life and the human condition.


Original poetry by Keith Holyoak. First edition available now from the publisher Dos Madres Press.
Praise for The Gospel According to Judas:

"Rich with allusions to Scriptures across the canon of world religions, together with historical sensitivity and imaginative insight, Keith Holyoak’s Gospel According to Judas offers us a twenty-first century Everyman. He is painfully and persistently honest, occasionally hesitant, yet wedded to the urgency of the religious quest. His voice is true and – in Keith Holyoak’s rendering – almost unbearably precise."

—Bruce Chilton, author of Rabbi Jesus: An Intimate Biography

"Keith Holyoak has constructed an ingenious and daring remake of the Judas story. The Gospel According to Judas is a brilliant display of poetic skills, spiced with the flavors of Nabokov’s Pale Fire and Jorge Luis Borges’ erudition. One need not be a Christian to partake in this sumptuous banquet, the table set with offerings from religion, philosophy, and human psychology. Holyoak is steeped in tradition while simultaneously viewing it from high above with the eyes of an eagle. His language is clear and lucid, with passages that approach the sublime." —Koon Woon, author of Water Chasing Water

"Keith Holyoak has a fine ear, and his poems resonate in the reader’s head, creating memorable language as he writes in the voice of Judas, who has now returned with fresh words. I like the inventiveness at work here, and the richness of texture from the Borgesian introduction to the echoing (and often allusive) poems themselves." —Jay Parini, author of The Art of Subtraction: New & Selected Poems

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